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California and Hawaii

About Web Cameras:  A Preliminary Note
Time Zone Viewing Information for Western and Central U.S.

On this page:   N. California    S. California      
Colorado webcams       Hawaii         NW U.S.

NOTE: Not all of these pages have been updated, as I have created over 1000
pages on the Net and can not keep up with all of them! But do enjoy what's here!

Web cameras or web cams (also known as spy cams) are linked to a computer with
special software and hardware which enables the camera to transmit a picture or
moving image digitally, and then via an Internet connection, onto the Web. Some
web cameras are video cameras which update their screen images in a matter of
seconds, or a few minutes; others are still digital cameras programmed by the
operator to take pictures at regular intervals.

Images may be live and continuous, or selectively transmitted several times
a day, depending upon the operator, the camera, and the Internet connection.


Often, web cams are not operative after dark, show only a black image, or post
a representative image from the preceding daytime images. For maximum
enjoyment, plan your travels during the daytime in the localities you visit!

G.M.T. (Greenwich Mean Time) is 10 hours ahead of Hawaii and central Alaska
time, 8 hours ahead of U.S. pacific standard time (California), 7 hours ahead of
mountain standard time (Colorado), and 6 hours ahead of central standard time
(Illinois, Texas). Times may vary also due to local and daylight savings time.
Currently, the U.S. is on daylight savings time; p.d.t. is G.M.T. - 7 hours.

Note: The following information will soon be reformatted into tables, to
increase compatibility with different browsers and font choices.

VIEWING FROM               HOURS    Viewing these time zones, adjust your clock...
THESE LOCATIONS    _   FROM G.M.T.__   c.s.t__ _    m.s.t.__        p.s.t.___    h.s.t.__
Honolulu                             -10 hours    +4 hours&   + 3 hours    +2 hours     +0 hour
New York City; Boston        -5 hours     -1 hour       -2 hours     -3 hours      -5 hours
Buenos Aires                       -3 hours     -3 hhours     -4 hours      -5 hours     -7 hours
London; Edinburgh             +0 hours     -6 hours     -7 hours      -8 hours    -10 hours
Paris; Stockholm; Munich  +1 hour      -7 hours      -8 hours      -9 hours    -11 hours
Israel; Moscow; Pretoria    +2 hours     -8 hours     -9 hours     -10 hours    -12 hours
Singapore; Perth                +8 hours     -14 hours  -15 hours    -16 hours    -18 hours
Tokyo, Japan                     +9 hours     -15 hours   -16 hours   -17 hours    -19 hours
Sydney, Australia             +10 hours    -16 hours   -17 hours    -18 hours   -20 hours

For more accurate time information, visit:  The Time Zone Page   The World Clock

from Eastern U.S.,  11 a.m. - 8 p.m.             from Hawaii, 6 a.m. - 3 p.m.
from California,  9 a.m. - 6. pm.                   from Israel,  6 pm. - 3 a.m.
from Western Europe, 4 p.m. - 1 a.m.         from Australia, Japan, 2 a.m. - 11 p.m.
Note however that the United States is now on daylight time (+1 hour).


(pacific standard time, GMT-8 hours;  pacific daylight time GMT-7 hours)

Rearden Technology -Twin Peaks SF Bay Bridge (continnuous, frames,
Netscape recommended)

SF Live San Francisco Bay and Alcatraz view (scenic, updated every
15 minutes)*

Bay Bridge

       San Franciso Bay Bridge, web cam image,
       reduced, from the Iconic webcam (defunct
       now in 2000)


KPIX Online: Live San Francisco Views from Nob Hill  (updated
every 5 minutes, with time-lapsed animations of the day's views)
Views of Monterey Aquarium kelp exhibit (also at Monterey Aquarium)
Camera Two: S.F., Bay Bridge and traffic views from Battery street,

SF Live Cameras of San Francisco (thumbnails of seven live webcams,
some inoperative)

Live Views of San Francisco (Nine live thumbnails from KPIX,
Rearden Technologies, Wharf View, SF Live, CitySearch 7, Iconic,
GateCam web cams with midi music)

San Francisco
       City Search 7  (Sutro -
       view over San Francisco
       from KGO tv- webcams
       may  be discontinued)

       San Francisco view from the
       live Sutro City Search 7 web cam,
       reduced, copyrighted, used with
       permission of KGO Channel 7

Alameda, California City of Night Live Telerobotic Camera (manual
controls, rotation etc.; updates every minute)

Lake Tahoe Ski Report, (K-MTN tv, three views, from Bijou Pier,
chairlift and highway 30, views appear to be hourly updated)

Resort Sports Network Sierra Lake Tahoe (daily image only, archives)

Surfline's Hotline Steamer Lane Surf cam, Santa Cruz (five views,
minute by minute update, with image archives every 5 minutes
from current day, at five angles)*

Santa Cruz SlugVideo Dream Inn (ocean vista)
with panoramic views!
Also: SlugVideo's less interesting Mount Umunhum panorama

Monterey Bay
Monterey Bay, California  from the Santa Cruz Dream Inn, copyrighted by SlugVideo.
Downloaded from the live Dream Inn webcam, reduced in size, and used with permission of SlugVideo.


(pacific standard time, GMT-8 hours;  pacific daylight time GMT-7 hours)

QLI Surfcams (half a dozen from Florida, California and Hawaii)

Surfline Surfcams (3 California, 1 Hawaii surfcam with links to
other Florida, California and Hawaii surfcams; java views available)
Includes Steamer Lane, Ventura Point, Topanga Point.

Venice Beach and Santa Monica Pier Cams (10 minute updates)

San Diego Bay Livenet (updates second-by-second on weekends)*

Scripps Beach and Pier Scripps Institute of Oceanography, La Jolla,
San Diego, California (over-size hourly black and white quality
images, snap and time-exposure images, archives, with 40+ images
from previous day)*   Scripps Pier latest image

I15 near San Diego

     Route I-15 at Carmel Mountain
     road exit, San Diego, California;
     live web cam image (reduced,
     cropped), used with permission
     from  XLNT Designs, Inc.


(Hawaiian standard time, GMT-10 hours;  pacific daylight time GMT-9 hours)

 Honolulu's Freeway Traffic Camera System (web cam collection,
 8 live webcams, manual or automatic 3 minute updates)

 Waikiki Beach Cameras (scenic webcam from the Freeway Traffic
 Camera System web cam collection). And try: Waikiki Beach cam.

 Hawaiian Eye, Oahu  (zooming, magnification and direction
 controls available; stock images; often off-line)

 Surf News Network  Hawaii Surf Cam  (not live, but magnificent
 surf images online)

Maui's IAO Valley (magnificent live view, West Maui Mountains)

 Maui Web cams* (Leonard's CamWorld's links to five Maui
 webcams- IaoValley, Synchromic, MauiGateway, Windcam)

Maui Windcam*  (scenic images
    from Maui's north shore, live cam
    7a.m. - 6p.m. HST, image archives)

     Live web cam image of a March
     Hawaiian morning, reduced, from
     the Maui Windcam, used with
     permission of Bob Perlman

Surfline's in Hawaii: Sunset Beach, Pipeline and South Shore

SEE ALSO: Southern California listings for California, Hawaii and
Florida surfcam collections.

Now  also available:
Asia, Australia, Africa
    S. California        Featured  collections

In process - planning to add images: Webwinds' favorites 300+ web cameras for:
Eastern U.S.          Europe          Special interest
* Personal recommendations

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