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WEB CAMS:  Asia, Oceania,
Africa, Middle East, and Antarctica

About Web Cameras:  A Preliminary Note
Time Zone Viewing Information for Asia, Australia and Africa

On This Page: Oceania (Australia, New Zealand) 
Japan     The Middle East and Africa       The Rest of Asia    

Now also open!  California, Hawaii     Central, Western U.S.
Featured webcam collections: the best!    
In process:    Eastern U.S.           Europe           Special interest

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Web cameras or web cams (also known as spy cams) are linked to a computer with
special software and hardware which enables the camera to transmit a picture or
moving image digitally, and then via an Internet connection, onto the Web. Some
web cameras are video cameras which update their screen images in a matter of
seconds, or a few minutes; others are still digital cameras programmed by the
operator to take pictures at regular intervals.

Images may be live and continuous, or selectively transmitted several times
a day, depending upon the operator, the camera, and the Internet connection.


Often, web cams are not operative after dark, show only a black image, or post
a representative image from the preceding daytime images. For maximum
enjoyment, plan your travels during the daytime in the localities you visit!

G.M.T. (Greenwich Mean Time) is 5 hours ahead of U.S. eastern standard time
and 8 hours ahead of pacific standard time. Note that local time may prevail
in some areas, that daylight savings time is now observed in most of the U.S.
(+1 hour, which means 4 hours behind G.M.T.), and that seasons are reversed
in northern and southern hemispheres.

NOTE: This will soon be made into a table, so that the formatting is consistent
on different browsers and with different fonts.

SELECTED                               HOURS                 12 midnight   6 a.m.  12 noon
LOCATIONS                            FROM G.M.T.           eastern standard time is....
Moscow; Jerusalem; Pretoria  G.M.T. + 2 hours       7 a.m.       1 p.m.      7 p.m.
Abu Dhabi                               G.M.T. + 4 hours       9 a.m.       3 p.m.      9 p.m.
Singapore; Perth                     G.M.T. + 8 hours       1 p.m.       7 p.m.      1 a.m.
Tokyo; Seoul                           G.M.T. + 9 hours       2 p.m.       8 p.m.      2 a.m.
Sydney; Brisbane                    G.M.T. +10 hours      3 p.m.       9 p.m.      3 a.m.
Wellington (NZ)                      G.M.T. +12 hours      5 p.m.     11 p.m.      5 a.m.

For more locations and greater accuracy:  The Time Zone Page   The World Clock


and ANTARCTICA       (*most recommended)

WebCam Auckland New Zealand (4 webcams, 15 minutes)

Australian surfcams   (four thumbnails of Sydney beaches,
updated every minute)*

Surfcam Surf Report - Collaroy-Narabeen Australia
(daily, gorgeous beach - see image below)*

Collaroy-Narabeen, Australia

The Beach at Collaroy-Narabeen, Australia, copyrighted image downloaded from
the CollaRoy-Narabeen Surfcam, with permission of Don Norris (reduced in size).



East Mountains of Kyoto, Japan or
OR Taiyodo Company's Kyoto  (every 10 minute updates)

Japan -    (city scene #2, 60 second updates)

Mt. Aso - Japanese south alps (city and landscape)

Mt. Fuji webcams
Map of Mt. Fuji Webcams

Mt. Fuji Viewer Page   (click on Fujiyoshida on map; has user
controls, zooming, rotation, reset buttons)*
OR go directory to Mt Fuji live*

Mt. Fuji Server at Keio SFC   (real-time view, with zoom and
panning controls, image archives)

24 Hours Mt.FUJI Live from
Live views, every 30 minutes (10 minutes at sunrise and sunset)
Mt. Fuji Sunplus Webcam Archives  (representative webcam
views, archives from all seasons)

Mt. Fuji

     Image of  MT. FUJI  at dawn, (cropped),
     downloaded from the archives of live images
     taken by the Mt. Fuji webcam  at
     Used with permission of Sun+ Co., Ltd.'s Webcom Asia  (4 links)



Moscow Webcam Online  (occasional updates)

Mt. Everest Live Cams  (several daily webcam images, archives,
satellite images)*

Hong Kong Webcameras (offline in April/May 1998)




    Live image of Singapore's Chinatown,
    taken with Singapore's web camera
    at Television Corporation of Singapore,
    used with permission of Terry D. Nair.



Aish HaTorah - the Jerusalem Western Wall  (automatic refresh,
one minute, with information on the Wall)**

Cam Gerhard's South Africa Cams  (not live but picturesque images)

Capetown Web Cams  Table Mountain view and Greenmarket Square
webcams, NEW! Open in June 1997.

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