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Not only is sending electronic cards (also known as e-cards or ecards) to friends an expression of caring, it's free....and can be educational! Here you will find descriptions of over one hundred sites in a dozen categories - art, literature, nature, animals, astronomy, world culture -  from which you can email a wide variety of quality photo and illustrated cards.

Many of these sites offering free ecards enable you to send more than static cards with your personal message. Often you can include music, your own images, animations, video, and html links. You can even take your friend on a page-by-page postcard tour. If you wish, email cards to yourself, and save images to your computer, but respect copyright and do not use the images commercially without permission.

Van Gogh

Above:  Starry Night, Van Gogh, Electric Postcards, courtesy
of the Web Museum; Chichen Itza, Postcards from Mexico
Below: Panda , fromE-cards.com  

Free Holiday cards
Christmas and Hanukkah

Looking for Christmas and Hanukkah ecards? Many of the sites we recommend have special sections with dozens of Christmas and Hanukkah cards for your to email friends, family and colleagues. Try for example...

Animated Christmas cards
Animated Hanukkah ecards

Christmas cards
Hanukkah cards

Nature and wildlife Christmas cards
Nature and wildlife Hanukkah cards

Christmas cards
Hanukkah cards
Free Christmas and Hanukkah cards that are fun (and easy)
to send. Nice verses and accompanying music.

About.com directories for more Christmas
and Hanukkah card sites

About.com Christmas ecards
About.com Hanukkah cards

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