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Association for Psychological Type
CAPT: Applications of Psych Type
Online Psych - JungWeb
Personality and Consciousness
Personality Project
Personality Tests and resources
Psych Types
Temperament Research Institute Welcome Page
The Personality Index
The Personality Project

alt.psychology.personality newsgroup

Alt.Psychology Personality
Alt.Psychology.Personality Archives
Index of /pub/academic/psychology
Index of /pub/academic/psychology/alt.psychology.personality

Keirsey and DDLI Myers-Briggs tests/instruments

Furgis Duniho's DDLI Program and Related Files
The DDLI Page
DDLI MS-DOS download
Keirsey Temperament Sorter Site
Index of /pub/academic/psychology/alt.psychology.personality/
MBTI Profiles
Profiles of the 16 Psychological Types
Myers Briggs FAQ-- A Summary of Personality Typing
Myers-Briggs resources

Working out your own Myers Briggs type
Humanetrics Jungian short version of Myers Briggs

More Psychology tests online

Sean's List of Online Tests
Personality Tests
Online Personality Tests
Personality Online tests
Psych tests
Barbarian's Online Tests Personality Test
Kingdomality, your Medieval Personality test (what fun!)
Personality Tests Free Online
Online Screening Tests
Handwriting Analysis
Personality and IQ Tests
Mensa Workout
VALS Interactive Server
Humorous Personality Tests
Which Greek Goddess are you?
Personality Assessment - Instruments & Feedback
European IQ-test (up to 174)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Psychological Tests

Psych software

Mind Media
Mindware Online
Psych software
Software Archives in Psychology

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