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Psychology Bookmarks

+Conflict resolution

Conflict Net
Conflict Resolution links
Conflict Resolution Resource Service (CRRS)
Conflict Resolution Tips

Internet Mental Health Online Delivery of Mental Health Services
Online Psych
PSYCHE: an interdisciplinary journal of research on consciousness
Psychology of Cyberspace Forum with Suler
Psychotechnology Online
Shrinks Aplenty Online, but Are They Credible?
Suck's featured article
Technoshock site - Computer psych
The Prevalence of Multiples Online
The Road Counseling and Personal Development
Virtual Psychotherapy?

Wand P Issue 17: Chatt(er)ing Through The Fingertips: Doing Groups Online
Cybertowers: Internet and "Real Life" Relationships: Virtually the Same?

+Death and Grief

Bereavement and Hospice Support Netline
Bereavement Resources
Choice in Dying
CNN - Assisted-suicide advocates trying new tack - June 27, 1997
Crisis, Grief, and Healing
Death Net
Flying Solo: Life Mgmt for Divorce and Aging
Grief site
GriefNet: bereavement, grief, death and dying resources
Mental Health Net - The Samaritans Home Page
Mr. Long-Term Care
National Directory of Bereavement Support Groups and Services
One caregiver to another: "Can we talk eldercare?"
SA\VE: Suicide Awareness\Voices of Education
Samaritans Home Page
Widow Net


A.D.D. Plus
Anxiety: Potential Causes and New Treatments
Bipolar Disorder
Bipolar Disorder FAQ
Contents -- Clinical Guide 5: Depression in Primary Care: Volume 1
Dissociative Disorders
Multiple Personality
Online Screening for Anxiety
Panic Attacks, Anxiety, Shyness, Phobias: Are They
Seasonal Affective Disorder
Sleep Disorders


ADA & Disability Information
Americans With Disabilities Act: Helpline Fact Sheet
Resources Unlimited for Professionals with Disabilities


Association for the Study of Dreams
Dreamwork and Dream History
Dreamwork class online (Richard Wilks)
Electric Dreams
Electric Dreams Articles
The Interpretation of Dreams
Jeremy Taylor's Dreamwork site
The Dream Tree

+Humanistic, Transpersonal Psychology

AHP Home Page
Association for Transpersonal Psychology
Best Psych
Frankl Tribute: Tracy Marks' tribute and Meaning of Life article
Humanistic Psychology Bibliography
Non-Mainstream Psychotherapy and Counselling Resources
Psychosynthesis Home Page
SamKeen: Your Mythic Journey
Spiritual Psychiatry
Waking World


+Link sites

Best Information on the Net - Psychology
Chris Evans's Psychology Bookmarks
Commercial Psychology Resources on the Internet
Counseling Resources on the Net
Dr. Bob's Mental Health Links
Excite Reviews: Mental Health
Galaxy Directory's Psych Links
Grohol's Psych on the Web links
Infoseek's Mental Health Links
Insider's Guide to Mental Health Resources Online
Internet Mental Health Links
Internet Mental Health Resources
Joe's Psychology Links
Jumping Off Places Devoted to Psychology
Large Mental Health Resource Page
Mental Health Links by Chris Wolfe
NetGuide Live: Browse Personal Growth
NetGuide Live: Mental Health
Non Mainstream Psychotherapy Resources
Other megalists of psychology resources
Psych links
PsychLink Links
Psychology Web Resources
ShrinkTank Psych software and links
Shrinktank: Other sites
Subject Specific Resource List in Psychology
Yahoo's Mental Health Resources
UWA Psychology Pointers

+Managed care, HMOs etc.

Anti-Managed Care Legislation
Center for Patient Advocacy
Dr. Ofer Zur (Seminars: Private Practice outside Managed Care)
Fight Managed Care
Fight Managed Care Journal
Fight your HMO
Health Administration Responsibility Project
HMO Outrage Page
Managed Care Article 3
Managed Care Article 5
Managed Care: The Enemy
Mental Health Administration
Mental Health Net - Managed Care
National Clearinghouse on Managed Care
The HMO Page
Perspectives: Managed Mental Health Care
Survey Results on Managed Care

+Mental Health

Help! A Consumer's Guide to Mental Health Information
Internet Mental Health
Mental Health Cyber-Clinic
Mental Health Net
General Mental Health Information
My Virtual Reference Desk - Mental Health
National Institute of Mental Health - Consumer Information
Psychological Help / Consumer's Guide to Mental Health

+My psych listings

Call 1-800-THERAPIST
CatChat Creative Arts Therapy
Cyber-Psych - Therapists On-Line
Online Psych Locator
The American Mental Health Alliance
The International Association of Therapeutic Specialists
Who's Who in Mental Health on the Web

My still-in-print books
Astrology of Self Discovery
Your Secret Self
Planetary Aspects
Art of Chart Interpretation

+Online shrinks

Cindy Margolis, sex therapy, and NASCAR
Counselor's Corner
Cutting Edge Billboards Delivery of Mental Health Services
ShrinkTank BBS Web Site
Therapy Online
1-800-THERAPIST Network
Fred Cutter, Ph.D.


Dr. Bob's Virtual En-psych-lopedia (medications)
Drug Interaction Medibase
Lilly Pharmaceutical Information
Free Prescription Medicine
Home Doctor NonPrescription Medicine
Medications, PharmInfoNet
Psychopharmacology Tips
Pharmacy and Health Care Glossary
Pharmacy-Related Internet Resources
Rx List of Drug Interactions
Rx Internet Drug List


American Mental Health Alliance (AMHA) Member Professionals
American Psychological Association
AMHA Professionals
AMHA, American Mental Health Alliance
Boston Clinical Psychology Consortium 

Mental Health Meetings Organizations & Resources
Mental Health Net
MentalHealth Net - Clinicians
Mental Health Licensure
Mental Health Licensure: Massachusetts
MHI Professional Directory
Robert Young's psychoanalytic pages

The American Psychological Association
The Human Resource Professional's Gateway to the Internet
The Wounded Healer Journal
Therapist Referral Network
Universal Codex for the Social Sciences
Who'sWho in Mental Health
Wounded Healer Journal

+Psych centers

Behavior OnLine: The Mental Health and Behavioral Science Meeting Place
Behavioral HealthCare Meetings, Organizations and Resources
Dr. GROHOL's Mental Health Page - Psychology Web Pointer
InterPsych - World's First and Largest Mental Health Cyberorganisation
Internet Mental Health
Internet Mental Health Resources
Mental Health InfoSource
Mental Health Net
Psychology Web Resources
PsychRef: Resources in Psychology on the Internet
Social Psychology Network
The Galaxy Index of Psychology
Theoretical Approaches in Psychotherapy
Top 10 Psychology
World LectureHall - Psychology Courses Online

+Psych mailing lists and newsgroups

Dr. GROHOL's Mental Health Page - Mailing Lists
Dr. GROHOL's Mental Health Page: Mail Lists Resources
Lists/Newsgroups: Institute of Psychiatry Library Mental Health
Net-Psych Email lists
Psychology Listservs
Psych type lists

Psych chats and forums
Dr. Grohol's Psych Chat
InterPsych Forums
Mental Health Net - Forum Index
Psych Chats

+Psych mailing lists - specific
Psybernet - Psychology of Cyberspace
Research List (Psychology) Archives (giant page)
SOLUTION Mailing List

+Psych newsgroups
Cognitive & psychological Usenet newsgroups
Dr. GROHOL's Mental Health Newsgroups
Sci.psychology.psychotherapy newsgroup
Newsgroups (psychology)
Psych newsgroups
Psychology Newsgroups
Psychology support groups newsgroup pointer

+Psych software

Computers and Software in PsychologyJason Aronson, Inc.
Mind Media
Mindware Online
Psych software
Software Archives in Psychology

+Psych tests (see also personaliity bookmarks)

Albert Mehrabian - Personality Scales for Different Settings
Are you right- or left-brain?
Barbarian's Online Tests Page
Body, Mind & Spirit -- What's your EQ?
Cumulative Data for WWW Jungian personality test
European IQ-test (up to 174)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Psychological Tests
Index of /pub/academic/psychology/alt.psychology.personality/ddli
Keirsey Temperament Sorter (Meyers-Briggs-type test)
Meyers Briggs FAQ-- A Summary of Personality Typing
Online Personality Tests
Personality Tests
Psych tests
Psychological Testing Service


A.D.D. WareHouse
AA2 Addiction Alternatives
Abuse/Incest Support - Welcome from The Mining Company
Addiction Resource Guide
Adult Children of Alcoholics
Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorders
Sobriety and Recovery Resources
The Recovery Home Page


The Friendship Page
Couple's Place
Exploring Nonverbal Communication
Divorce & Family Law Links
Divorce Care
Divorce Central Home Page
Divorce Online
Marital Status: Consumer Site Covering Divorce and Remarriage


Cupids Network
Single Search
Web Personals
My Virtual Reference Desk - Relationships
Soulmates - Romantic Realities


A Guided Tour of Self-Help Cyberspace
Managing Your Anxiety
Psychology Self-Help Resources on the Internet
Psychological Self-Help - Chap9e: Theories of Development
Self & Psychology Magazine
Self-Help and Psychology Magazine Links
Self Help & Psychology Magazine: Psychtoons
Self-help sites
The Stress Doctor will show you how to prevent "Emotional Rape"
Townsend Stress Management

+St. John's University Psych Resources Online

Numerous resources here have moved. New addresses unknown.


Concerned Counseling
Depression Resources
Emotional Support Guide: loss and chronic illness
Emotional Support on the Internet
Peer Resources
Psychological Advisor Newsletter

+Trauma (PTSD)

Trauma & Dissociation
David Baldwin's Trauma Pages
Links PTSD
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Psych: Miscellany (to sort)

CenterWatch Clinical Trials Listing Service
Centre for Psychotherapeutic Studies - Professor Robert M. Young
Identification and Validation of a Societal Model of Usenet
INFJ Pages
Inner Child Work
Interactive Therapy Center
ISPSO Papers: Young on psychodynamics of psychodynamic organisations
Jewish Communication Network
Mind Media's Link to the Web
Psych chats
Psychology of Women Quarterly
PsychScapes World Wide Inc.
Pulier Psychiatry Pages

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