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Electronic journals

Carl: Search Journal Titles
CIC Electronic Journals Collection
Ejournal SiteGuide : a MetaSource
E-journals by gopher
Infomine ejournals list
Information Express Electronic Journal Search (fee)

Journal Watch

MedWorld Online Journals

NewJour New Journals
Penn Library-Electronic Journals
PubMed Journals Which Offer Full Text

Scholarly Electronic Texts and Journals, U of Sydney
Scholarly Electronic Publishing
Scholarly Journals Distributed Via WWW: U. of Houston free
Serials in Cyberspace: Ejournal Collections
U. Sydney Electronic Journals Alphabetical by Subject
WWW Virtual Library E-Journal List

Libraries: scholarly resources

Catalogs & Indexes (DL SunSITE)
U of Texas Indexes and Abstracts
UCB Internet resources by subject
UCSB Infosurf Subject resources
UCSC Subject Guide
U of Arizona Library SABIO Information Gateway
U of California Berkeley
UT Library Online
Yale Library

Library metasearch

*Librarians Guide Best Information on the Net

Best Information on the Net - Faculty Resources
Boise State University Albertsons Library
INFOMINE: Scholarly Internet Resource Collections
Librarian's Links:Subject Listing of IAT Library Publications
Libweb - Library WWW Servers

Public Libraries on WWW Servers
WWW Library Catalog Gateways


*Avicenna Medical Information Services
*Dr Felix's Free MEDLINE Page
*HELIX Medline
*NCBI PubMedline
*PhyNet Medline
Free Medline & other sources
HealthGate Medline
Knowledge Finder free demo
Medical Matrix - Medline

Medical Matrixc Medline table
SilverPlatterWebSPIRS free demo


Ovid Home Page

Ovid Web Gateway
Ovid Online
Ovid Full Text
Ovid Help Login
Ovid Help Basic Mode
Ovid Help Advanced Mode
Ovid Help Database List
Ovid Help Table of Contents
Ovid Help Tree Hierarchy
Ovid Interface
Ovid Login
Ovid Preview
Ovid User Guide
Ovid for Windows Keystroke Tips

Professional psychology

American Mental Health Alliance (AMHA) Member Professionals
American Psychological Association
AMHA Profesionals
AMHA, American Mental Health Alliance, mental healthcare cooperative

APA PsychNet
APA's Psychcrawler Searching

Boston Clinical Psychology Consortium
Human Resource Professional's Gateway to the Internet
Mental Health Meetings Organizations & Resources
Mental Health Net Professional Resources
MHI Professional Directory
Mailing lists of interest to social workers

Psychology PHD programs in the U.S.
Therapist Referal Network
Universal Codex for the Social Sciences
Who's Who in Mental Health
Wounded Healer

Psychlit and PsychInfo


APA PsycInfo: Applications and Use
APA PsycInfo Access
APA's PsycInfo Information
APA Psych Electronic Databases
APA PsycInfo FAQ
APA Pocket Guide to PsycInfo

APA Psych Info User Aides
APA Psych Info Reference Online
APA Psych Info Access Providers

Compuserve access to PsycLit
Compuserve: Searching  PsycInfo onCompuserve Knowledge Index
Connect Psy Abstracts select INF, then PSY or COM then PSY
ELN - About PsycINFO

PsycInfo at Tulane

PsycInfo Action Line (Help)
PsycInfo Instructional Aids


PsycLit (1974-date) Wesleyan How to
PsycLit APAs QUEST - Boston College - list, PSYB or PSYC - hol if BC

Psyclit UCG How to CDrom
PsycLit about
Psychological Abstracts
Searching PsycLit on SilverPlatter

Searching PsycLit and PsycInfo on Silver Platter

Psychlit cdroms

CD-ROM Network
CD-ROM Resources

Psychology/Mental Health centers

Behavior Online: Meeting Place

GROHOL Mental Health Page - Main Menu
Institute of Psychiatry Library Mental Health
Internet Mental Health
Internet Mental Health Resources
Mental Health

Mental Health InfoSource
Mental Health Net

Mental Health Net - The Samaritans Home Page
MentalHealth Net - PNI: v1:3
Mental Health Services on the Internet
My Virtual Reference Desk - Mental Health
National Institute of Mental Health - Consumer Information
Milton's InterPsych Page
Pat McClendon's Clinical Social Work - Mental Health Resources
Psych Central: Grohol's Mental Health Page

Psychology Self-Help Resources on the Internet
Psychological Help / Consumer's Guide to Mental Health
Self-Help & Psychology Magazine

Psych journals

APA Journals
Psych Electronic Journals*
Gunther's Links to Psych Journals (Gunther's German site)
Psych Journals by Subject (German site)
Psych Electronic Journals Mirror Site at Mental Health Net*
Psych Electronic Journals Mirror Site at Psych Net*

Psych journals specific

APA Monitor

Computer-Mediated Communcation Magazine
Contemporary Educational Psychology
Consciousness and Cognition
Electronic Journal on Virtual Culture
International Journal of Human Computer Studies
Interpersonal Computing and Technology
Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks
Journal of Computer Mediated Communication
Journal of MUD Research
Psyoloquy search
Special Issue: Collaborative Universities
Self Help Psychology Magazine

Psych research

American Psychological Association.
American Psychological Society
Basic Library Resources for Psychology
Best Information on the Net - Psychology
Commercial Psychology Resources on the Internet
CSUF Mission Viejo Library: Guide to Psychology Resources
Current Research in Social Psychology

Electronic Resources Social Sciences in REECA UW-Madison

GALAXY Psychology (Social Sciences)

Hanover College Psychology resources online
Hugh's Psych Research Links (from Skidmore)
Human Resource Professional's Gateway to the Internet
Internet Mental Health Resources
Lamson Library: Psychology Connections
My Virtual Reference Desk - Mental Health
Psych Web

Psych Web Scholarly Psychology Resources on the Web
Psychology Electronic Library at U. Waterloo

Psychology Gateways on Internet, Richter Library
Psychology Jumping Stand

Psychology-related Web Information (U Albany)
Psychology Research Information Resources
Psychology Resources
Psychology Sources at the Cowan Library, Australia
Psychology Web Resources: Archive
Psychology: A General Source List
PSYCHOLOGY: Selected Research Sources
Reference Resources in Psychology
Research Tools in Psychology
Social Psychology Network

Study Web's Mental Health Links
Universal Codex for the Social Sciences

WWW Virtual Library: Psychology

Research general (and databases)

CARL UnCover

Electronic Library

MWL Electronic Resources
NSL Self Service Databases

Online Computer Library Center
SCOTT's Guide to Web Databases
Search ERIC wizard

Silver Platter
ULS Electronic Resources Directory
Which Index


Restricted access Psych Lit


Citadel Index to Journals and Databases
Web Access to ALL SilverPlatter databases
Journal Indexes

PsychInfo at Tulane
WebSPIRS Silver Platter psych databases
Web (WebSPIRS)

Uncover/Carl/Dialog journal search

CARLweb database search
Carl Dialog Basic Collection July 1997
CARLWeb: Search other information databases

Subject and Title Lists
Uncover Login
What is UnCover? Why do I need it?


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