Tracy Marks' Photoshop Bookmarks
Please note that these links have not been updated since
December 2002 but many are still valid.

For current Cambridge, Massachusetts hands-on workshops on
Photoshop, seeWindweaver Photoshop Seminars.

These bookmarks include:
A-F Adobe, Antialiasing, Books, Mags, Videos Buttons, Classes
L-Pa Layers, Channels, Links, Mailing Lists/Newsgroups, Palettes
Ph Photoshop: General, Photoshop:Windows

Pl -S Plugins and Filters, Scanning, Seamless Backgrounds
T Tips and Tricks, Transparent Gifs, Tutorials, Type
W Web Design, Photoshop Web Design: Optimizing Graphics

R-TechSoftware for Less Software Source
Creation Engine Academic Software Discounts
More Academic Software Vendors
More Photoshop Purchase Deals

Other Web Design Resources from Tracy Marks
Windweaver Web Resources     Windweaver Web Design Links
Windweaver Web Graphics Links     Windweaver Web Images Links
Windweaver HTML Resources Links    Online Course Notes Guide
Web Design Class Notes & Links    Photoshop and Web Design Classes
Internet Search Bookstore    Contact Tracy Marks


Adobe Customer Service - Downloadable Files
Adobe Photoshop What's New
Adobe Photoshop Tips at Adobe
Downloadable Files for Adobe Products
Downloadable Files for Photoshop for Windows

Downloadable Files: NEW
Feature Highlights
Photoshop Current Version
Photoshop Books
Photoshop User groups
Technical Support File Library


Anti-aliasing guide from Wide Area Communications
Photoshop Tip #3 Antialiased
Understand Anti-Aliasing

Books, Magazines and Video

Adobe Magazine Online
Graphics Design Magazine
Graphics Design: Photoshop Magazine
Pei Imaging Magazine
Photoshop Books Online
Photoshopio Photoshop Training Videos Photoshop Books and Video Links

Tracy's Recommended Pshop & Web Design Books

(see also Tracy's Windweaver Net Search Bookstore and


Bevel buttons
Buttons for the Web
Creating Icons with Beveled Edges
Photoshop Tip #7 Beveled edges

Classes: Photoshop Classes Online and Offline

Adobe Photoshop Seminar Tour (national)
Digital Think Hands-On Photoshop Class
Photoshop Basics free online course
Photoshop Conference in Monterey
Tracy Marks' Boston area Photoshop Classes

Layers and channels

PSWR4: Palettes: Channels
PSWR4: Palettes: Layers
Kai's Channel2 Tips1
Kai's Channels Tips2
Understanding Layers
Enhancing Digital Images: Adjusting Layers in Pshop

Link Sites for Photoshop Resources

Eve's Virtual Pshop linksLifetime Photography's Photoshop Links
Photoshop @ AltaVista
Photoshop Sites (
Photoshop4 Links at
Photoshop Links from Web Review

Ultimate Web Photoshop Links
WINDWEAVER'S Web Design Links
WINDWEAVER'S Graphics and Image Search Links

Mailing list discussions, forums, newsgroups, chats

Photoshp Mailing List (
Photoshop Mailing List (

Graphic Design Support Forum

Help Talk Photoshop Forum (in Graphic Design)
Photoshop message board at WebGraphics
WebGraphics message board
Web Design Forum Links at WINDWEAVER newsgroup
Numerous lists at YAHOOGROUPS


#10 Trim the Web/Netscape Palette
216 Color Palette
DiP FAQ: The Netscape Palette
More about the Netscape Palette: A *NEW* DiP FAQ

216 Color Charts and Generators

216 Hex Code Color Picker
216 Color Chart
216 Color Coordinator
Links to Web Palette Color Charts at Windweaver
BoxTop ColorSafe Photoshop Browser-Safe Palette Plugin
Ditherbox Plug-In Palette Review
*Palette Express Palette Optimizer (trial; $39)

Photoshop: General

Adobe Photoshop Resources
Adobe Photoshop TalkEve's Virtual Photoshop
Digital Directions' Photoshop Techniques
DiP - The Photoshop Index Page @ DiP in Sweden
PC Resources for Photoshop
PC-Resources (Applications - Photoshop)
Photoshop Basics

Photoshop Central

Photoshop Reference
Software School

Web Developers Virtual Library: Photoshop
Working with Adobe Photoshop - Adobe

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