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WINZIP continued

6. Now choose the EXTRACT button.
    (In this example, we named the new folder paradise).


7. Voila! You will now see your new files in that directory.


The first part of this Ebay tutorial on downloading their Mister Lister
is relevant to most download procedures:


Many people on the Net seeking to learn from others and
create online community find mailing lists to be the best
facet of the Internet. Over 60,000 mailing list discussion
groups exist. To find ones that appeal to you, and to learn
how to subscribe, check out:
Windweaver Search Pages


CNET has an article (11/97) about using and subscribing to
mailing lists:
How to Subscribe to Discussion Groups

Here's another one:

Here's a good mailing list to start with.....
Help-Net Internet Help Mailing List

The Help-Net mailing list  is an excellent forum for newbies to ask
and receive answers to all manner of questions dealing with the internet,
and for experienced users to join in and help newbies. This list has
a worldwide membership and an excellent mix of experienced users
and folks new to the internet. No question is considered dumb and
if it deals with the internet, it's welcome. For anyone interested
in subscribing, here are the new subscription instructions:

1. Send your subscription message to:
2. Command to Subscribe: single line in the body of your
    email message, without quotes:
    SUB HELP-NET YourFirstname YourLastname
   (substitute your real name for Your Firstname Your Lastname)
3. Leave the subject line blank, or if your emailer requires a
    subject, type a dash ( - ) in the subject area.
4. If you are using a signature, and know how to turn it off
    in your email program, do so. Including any other text
    other than the subscription command will generate an
    error message (but will not prohibit you from subscribing).
5. If you receive a confirmation message, reply to it within
    48 hours. Usually you just have to hit reply and type OK.
6. When you receive a welcome and instructions message,
    read it, and save it to your computer. You will want to
    refer to it in the future when you go on vacation,
    unsubscribe etc. 

And another one-way mailing list called Tourbus that is 
a newsletter on Internet tips and sites is very popular...
about 100,000 subscribers. You can subscribe to it
from the Tourbus web site at:

Cnet article on choosing a home starting page for your browser:
Personal Decisionmaker for Starting Page
#1 Recommendation: My Excite
Niche/Specialized Starting Pages
Tracy's Personalized News links:

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