Family: Mother


    My mother, Martha, was from Winnipeg,
    Canada, and born to Scottish parents.
    Although not a very warm or sociable
    person, she had genuine enthusiasm
    for reading, Edgar Cayce and Seth,
    art, music, interior decorating, and
    the family dogs, Koko then Brandy...

    My mother  suffered from heart disease
    most of her life, and died in 1994. This
    picture was taken only a year before her
    death, at age 72, at her last home, near
    Stuart, Florida, where she moved after
    the great Florida hurricane. Previously,
    she  lived in Miami, where I grew up.
    Together, we rescued the dog pictured
    above, abandoned after the hurricane....

My father, Paul, who died in 1983, grew up in Key West, where his
Jewish Romanian parents had immigrated.

A picture of my brother, Stephen, appears on the 
Michael/Stephen page.

More information on the Marks, Markovitz (Marcovici) and
Frame family history and genealogy can be found on my

genealogy photo pages.

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