Professional Ice Dancers 1995-98
Klimova and Ponomarenko, Usova and Zhulin
Photos copyright 1998 by Tracy Marks

Marina Klimova and Sergei Ponomarenko

Klimova      Klimova and Ponomarenko won the
      gold medal for ice dance in the 1992
      Olympics, silver in 1988, and bronze
      in 1984. They also received gold or
      silver medals in a dozen European
      and World championships.

      Marina was born July 22, 1966 in
      Sverlovsk, Russia; Sergei, October 6,
      1960 in Balkhash, Russia.  Married,
      they live, train for their professional
      appearances, coach and choreograph
      in Lake Arrowhead, Ca. Their first
      child, a son, was born Feb.10, 1998.

   photo copyright 1995 by Tracy Marks

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Maia Usova and Alexander Zhulin

Usova and Zhulin     Skating together for over 17 years,
     Usova and Zhulin won the gold medal in
     the 1994 Olympics, and bronze in 1992.
     They also medalled in ice dance in eight
     World and European championships, and
     and Skate America.

     Maia was born May 22, 1964 in Gorky,
     Russia; "Sasha", July 20, 1963 in Moscow.
     Previously, they were married and lived
     in Lake Placid. Now, "Sasha" lives in

     Delaware, and Maia, New Jersey.

photo copyright 1995 by Tracy Marks

Until August 1998, Usova and Zhulin continued to skate together
in numerous shows and competitions. However, as of fall 1998,
in the wake of their divorce, Usova began skating with Evgeny
Platov, Pasha Grishuk's former partner, and Zhulin began the
next phase of his professional career skating with Pasha Grishuk.

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