K12 Web Resources
compiled by Tracy Marks  

As of August 17, 2001, this site has been discontinued. Tracy Marks has over 500 pages up on the web and is not able to update them all on a regular basis, so some of them are being removed. These links however remain: 
Online HTML and Web Design Tools
PowerPoint Links
Photoshop Links

Windweaver Web and Windows Resources
(over 150 pages of Internet searching and W95/98 resources!)

About Tracy Marks

Tracy Marks, M.A., a Massachusetts Internet trainer and web designer, is
currently training teachers to use the Internet, Photoshop and PowerPoint 
in the classroom. She is also a part-time professional photographer. In 
addition to an M.A. in high school English, she has 27 years adult education
teaching experience, is a licensed counselor, and has 8 books. She is
committed to quality and excellence, and responsive to new computer
and Internet users. For free and helpful Internet, web design and Windows
95/98 information online, visit her Windweaver Internet resource site. She 
may be contacted at tracy@marks.net


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