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Earth View

Earth View from the Sun


My Virtual Reference Desk Weather Cameras

Ambitweb NASA live shuttle   ( 9 live cameras, every 4 minutes refresh,
with video, image archives, midi music; see shuttle schedule for best
viewing dates)* Also try http://shuttle.nasa.gov/ntv/
More at Nasa Web

Shuttle Lift-off Home Page

Satellite weather view *

Solar images at SDAC*

The Daily Planet

Virtual Web Camera's Weather Cam page  (links to several dozen
worldwide weather cams)

WeatherNet Web cams  (collection of 100+ U.S. weather cam links)


Almost Amazing Turtle Cam

Amazing Elephant Cam (20 second updates, day only)

Biff the Bear's Potty Cam  (yes, click the vidcam link at the bottom
of the page to see Biff in action - note four different places to click
on one link; and no, this is probably not live. If you're curious about
Biff, go to Papa Rusty Bear's Fun Links)

BirdFeeder Cam from Indiana  (3 minute automatic refresh; archives)

Cujo, African Grey Parrot

Exotic Wolf Cam


Finch Cam  ( 90 second updates, 22 exotic finches, daytime only,
beautifully designed site)

Fish Cam  (5 minute updates, 2 views)
Continuously Refreshing Fishcam! (Netscape)

Fisheye View Coral Reef Underwater Camera, Coral Gables, Florida 
(manual reload and 3 second updates, spectacular images - this one
is great, folks!, live video and animations for all Internet connection
speeds, exceptional image archives) DON'T MISS THIS!**

Live Iguana Cam (visit 9-6 p.m. p.s.t, weekdays)

Live Keiko Cam  (Discovery Channel's live whale, automatic refresh
30 seconds, daytime only)

Madagascaran Hissing Cockroaches    (live!)

Monterey Aquarium: Live Aquarium Images from Kelp Forest  
(3 minute update)

National Zoo Amazing Updating Elephant Cam

National Zoo Web Cams*

Red Lobster Cam (underwaters lobsters, 3 minute updates)

The Stork Web Cam   (Female black stork in Czechoslavakia)

Big Brother is Watching Pet Cams (collection of web cam links)

Brian and Tracy's Critter Cams (small collection of links)

My Virtual Reference Desk: Aquarium and Animal Web cams

Virtual Web Camera's Aquarium Camera Links

Virtual Web Camera's Pet Camera Links


Brian and Tracy's People Cams

Brian and Tracy's Wierd Stuff Cams

Feet Cam
   (several images a day of people's feet)

Oxford Circus, London  (5 minute updates)

Tehachapi Rail Cam (every train that passes by on a busy rail!)

My Virtual Reference Desk: Traffic Report Cameras

Surfing Collections and Outdoor Events
QLI Surf Cam Tour (Florida, California, Hawaii; frames and
nonframes versions)

Surfline's Live Surfcams (Florida, California, Hawaii; with
high resolution and java options)

Upcoming Webcam Events: Internet Global Communications
(upcoming Animated WebCam events in Fort Lauderdale Florida!)

Past Web Cam Events: Internet Global Communications, Ft.Lauderdale
(past live web cam events, now animated with 5 second updates, several
still online and still astounding!) These are still up and running:
Columbus Day Sailing Regatta
Winterfest Fort Lauderdale Boatcam
South Florida Autoshow

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