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NOTE: Some of these collections are lists of links; others have thumbnails
of the web cams (sometimes a representative still image) which you can access
by clicking on the picture or the url provided.

(in alphabetical order)

Award  Webwinds 1999 WebCam Award:

Leonard's Cam World      WebCam Central     EarthCam
Images.com      WorldWide WebCam Search

EarthCam (large collection)
(Categories: New Sites, Business, Education, Entertainment, 
Scenic, Wierd and Bizarre, New WebCams)

Images.com WebCam Theater (tells you which are active now)

Leonard's Cam World (over 800 links, organized by state and
country, featured Cam of the Week)

Web Cam Central (over 1000 links, sorted by indoor and outdoor
category, location and new listings)

WorldWide WebCam Search  (several thousand worldwide webcams)


Anthony's Internet Accessible Machines  (Outdoor cameras and
Indoor Cameras; links, neither sorted or annotated)

Armchair World Jumps: Live Cameras (12-15 annotated links)

Around the World in 80 Clicks (Java tour, 80 worldwide web cams)

Bob's Huge List of Internet Cameras (neither sorted nor annotated,
but an extensive list)

Camera Canal Link List (about 30 webcam links; in French)

DCN Cam sites (bar, concert, news, snow, ski, traffic, travel etc.)

Dr. Atomic's Cool Cambots, Spy Cameras and QuickCams
(Links to scenic, lab, animal webcams; down cams identified)

Jasbits Top 5 Netcams   (personal selection of the top 5 webcams,
with 15+ selections from the past)

Meridian Tech's Web Cam Page (not organized or annotated)

My Virtual Reference Desk (miscellaneous links)

Random Internet Cameras
Random Internet Cameras: Frames  (easy to view, 2 minute refresh)
(unassorted, unrated, but one of the largest collections)

RealWorld Research's Live Images  (15 miscellaneous links)

SurfLine's SurfLive Video Cams  (map links to a dozen surfcams)

Webcam Selections (about 25 assorted webcam links)

World Map of WWW Cams    (world map for choosing over 50 web
cams by location, with globe indicating current daylight areas of the
world; weekly featured cams)

NOTE: To those of you who have 14.4 modems, or 28.8 modems
(but little patience):  These sites have many large live webcams
on a page, and are very slow to load!

Follow the Sun World Capitals   (18 live worldwide web cam images
on one page - Sydney, Jersulaem, Tokyo, Amsterdam etc.; nice collection
but slow, and you can't easily access cameras directly - pc users: right
click on image and choose view picture to get its url)

Realtime Camera Paradise  (large international collection, 1000 cameras,
in German; frames or no-frames; no-frames version loads hundreds
and is slow; categories by location, as well as indoor, satellite, zoo)

World Netcams*   (several dozen assorted webcams on site)

U.S. and CANADA Only 

Images.com WebCam USA Live Cams

Leonard's Cam World: U.S.*

Resort Sports Network U.S. outdoor webcams  (link to several dozen
individual web cams, or page which previews all; daily images only)

Tommy's List of Live Cam Worldwide #1- U.S.*

WebCam Central: U.S. Web Cams*

See also Webwinds' featured individual cameras (300+):
Asia, Australia, Africa, Antarctica webcams
Central/Western U.S. webcams         California and Hawaii webcams

Our in-process web camera pages  
Eastern U.S.          Europe          Special interest 
(Note that these pages are not being updated!)

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Webmaster title and experience? Contact < tracymar5@netscape.net

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